Global congress of Apostles working together.

 Global Apostolic Congress

Apostle Ashleigh Clatyor 

Program Director 

Join voices of worship from around the world in trumpeting the sound of apostolic and prophetic worship. This team provides prophetic songs, psalmistry, spiritual warfare, priestly covering, and music ministry for NEAR events, conferences, missions and ministries. 

Global Worship Team 

Prophet Adia Peterson 

Program Director 

Global company of prophets extending the vision of NEAR prophetically into all the world. Prophets provide spiritual oversight, counsel, strategy, spiritual intervention, guardianship and covering for all NEAR members and its visions and ventures. 

Global Prophetic Company

Chief Prophet Tala Price 

Program Director 

Global force of intercessors partnering with God's prophets to provide spiritual oversight, prayer covering, support, intervention, and watchmanship over NEAR's members and its visions and ventures around the world. 

Global Intercessory Squadron

Prophet Angela Nyameba

Program Director 



7107 South Yale 


Tulsa Ok 74136


T: 877-419-1299
Text: 918-602-1023